Ducati Museum

  • 2016
  • Bologna

With a completely new look to celebrate Ducati’s 90th anniversary, the museum showcases the history, the triumphs and the racing spirit of the motorbike constructor in Borgo Panigale.

The new exhibition turns every motorbike into an awesome work of art, the showpiece of an artistic installation that spotlights the model and tells the socio-cultural and technological story of how it came to be.
The three narrative sections of the museum include a gallery of Ducati’s most iconic production motorcycles, the parade room, featuring the constructor’s winning race bikes, and Ducati Moments, a tribute to the people, events and technological innovations that have helped forge the Ducati legend.

Asteria worked in synergy with the curators and under the creative direction of Ducati for over a year to produce the new museum, focusing on the design of a new floor plan, the organisation of content, graphic design, multimedia design and production and the direction of works.
The result is a compelling celebration of the Ducati legend, dedicated to the thousands of Ducati enthusiasts who journey to the production site every year.