• 2013
  • Trento

MUSE, the futuristic Science Museum designed by Renzo Piano, is a complex interactive and multimedia machine that saw Asteria working together with Goppion SpA (set up) and Acuson srl (hardware) for a unique challenge: to create a type of museum not found in Italy yet, consecrated to the exploration of knowledge in the making rather than an established knowledge.

Asteria’s work, carried out in synergy with the Museum curators and the designers from Renzo Piano Building Workshop, gave birth to the most engaging MUSE installations.
From the spectacular projections on holoscreen of the Big Void to the immersive stations of the Time Machine and the Glacier Experience, going through multimedia and interactive exhibits.
Also created by Asteria were all the graphics colouring MUSE throughout its 6 floors of in-depth information.