Centro Stile Fiat Exhibition - MAUTO

  • 2014
  • Torino

The critically acclaimed National Automobile Museum of Turin—MAUTO is constantly on the move, this time with Asteria Multimedia back on board.
Three years on from the opening of the brand new museum by François Confino, Asteria was back at work among the historic cars brought to life by the multimedia exhibition. Working closely with Officina 83, the Fiat Centro Stile, Asteria was involved in producing a new-look Design section for the museum.

The Design section is the heart and soul of the MAUTO, showing how creativity works, how an idea becomes reality.
The compelling exhibition is no-frills in style, immediate in its appeal and highly technological, putting visitors in the driver’s seat of a virtual journey into what it means to be an industrial designer, bringing them into sensorial contact with key moments of the design process.

Through the magic of multimedia, space becomes a page, light a pen, and technology an invisible hand.
Stories are told thick and fast, through the continuous interaction of the visitor with pictures and videos, where the element of surprise is used to great effect, stoking interest and curiosity. Perspectives shift, as do frames of reference and objects, bringing the experience to life in real time.