Asteria was founded in 1994 as a result of combining various information technology skills. Having embraced the challenge of the Internet, we entered the world of multimedia and interactive technologies with great enthusiasm.

When websites and CD-ROMs started to limit our horizons we broadened our view to include graphics and audiovisual features, providing an increasingly integrated service. This versatility found application in museum displays, whereby the user can interface with a single point of contact that can implement all the communication tools of a modern museum.

In 20 years of experience in the field we have learned that design is a crucial part of our work, and so Asteria has extended its solutions to include design, and now supports clients from the concept phase through to the inauguration.


Today, Asteria is an independent company specialized in multimedia projects for museums, companies and international institutions.

Our two offices in Trento and Paris can meet the requirements of any clients thanks to a dedicated, flexible staff offering a personal approach. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of highly motivated professionals who share a passion for creative excellence and digital innovation.

The broad array of skills and expertise on which our organisation is built has led Asteria to win a number of prestigious awards, including the Dasa Award 2015 from the European Museum Academy, Golden Prize at the 2014 International Audiovisual Festival on Museums and Heritage and the Business Meets Arts 2013 Award for creativity in business. It also underpinned the U.N.’s decision to choose Asteria to produce the multimedia installation representing the United Nations at Expo Milano 2015.


Asteria was the Greek goddess of the stars. Loved by Zeus, she turned herself into stone and threw herself into the sea to escape his advances.

She became a rocky island and continued to roam until her sister Leto arrived there. She had also been seduced by the king of the gods, and went there to give birth to Apollo, son of Zeus and protector of the arts.

The first ray from the god of the sun transformed the dry rock into the bright island of Delo. Even today here at Asteria we draw inspiration from that same light, which emanates from the Muses of Apollo.